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Roadmaps, Guides, And How-Tos for 2022 Sales Strategy

In 2021, technology-driven customer engagement took centre stage, and it will continue to do so in the years ahead. According to a survey, technology will usher in the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” which will see AI, analytics, digitization, and other technologies used in all stages of economic activity, from design to production. What does this signify in terms of sales strategy, though?

While the economy was in freefall in 2020, and SDRs were limited to their customers’ Zoom windows, sales reps and leaders rose to the occasion in 2021. From conducting sales sequences for personalised interaction to AI-driven forecasting for revenue projection, they embraced technology to drive sales.

According to the same survey, business travel will only return to pre-Covid levels in 2024, owing to travel restrictions and prohibitions on physical interactions.

We’ve compiled a compilation of roadmaps, how-tos, and 101s for SDRs and sales leaders in this listicle. These, we feel, will serve as a springboard for you and your team as you go through 2022.

Sales Strategy

Set up procedures to help your sales approach succeed.

You won’t make an effect no matter how amazing your product or service is until you sell it to a large number of people because sales are the ultimate measure of success. And in order to do so, your sales processes must be in order.

Have sales cycles that are simpler and shorter.

A sales cycle’s length is a balancing act: it should be short but not so short that it overlooks critical variables that could damage negotiations. It should not be too long — According to a survey of decision-makers, the length of the ordering procedure is one of the top three most aggravating aspects of their shopping experience.

The length of a sales cycle varies depending on the industry, the product or service you’re selling, and other considerations. However, once you have the fundamentals in place, you can tailor them to your organization’s needs. A sales cycle is an important part of any sales strategy.

In the sales process, sketch up a buyer character.

A sales process is a set of actions followed by a company to convert a prospect into a customer and close the sale. You must make certain that your sales strategy includes the appropriate processes at the appropriate stages of the funnel.

The buyer persona and ideal customer profile are clearly established in a well-defined sales process. This enables salespeople to generate more leads and successfully answer the needs of their clients. You gain insight into what works and what doesn’t by standardising the set of activities performed for each prospect.

Standardization also aids in the detection and automation of tedious and repetitive processes such as lead assignment, client outreach, and pipeline movement.

SDRs must be able to listen and sympathise.

After you’ve established the foundations of your sales approach, you can begin assembling a top-notch SDR team. SDRs, also known as BDRs, are a company’s lifeblood; they ensure that the company’s products are sold and the revenue metre keeps ticking.

Furthermore, they are continually reinventing themselves and their strategy in order to ensure that they are able to connect with customers.

The gift of gab is one of the most significant traits to look for in an SDR, but what’s more crucial is the ability to listen to consumers, empathise with them, and understand how your product or service may meet their needs.

Sales activities should be mapped to pipeline stages.

Every salesperson should be aware of how deals are moving and at what stage they are. That is exactly what a sales pipeline provides. It’s a graphic representation of opportunities at various stages of the sales process. The pipeline can help you move business faster and identify bad deals so that your team can take action.

Because you’ll be assigning a precise set of actions for each stage in the pipeline, a sales pipeline helps streamline the sales process. For example, when to mail a specific sales battle card or when to schedule a demo.

Select a CRM that is easy and context-driven.

A sales funnel is useful, but manually tracking it is nearly difficult. This is where a customer relationship management system (CRM) comes into play.

A successful CRM should be simple to set up, understand, and use. It must also be cost-effective and relevant.

When it comes to CRM, the odds are heavily stacked in favour of businesses that employ it, with several polls throughout the years attesting to its appropriate place in sales strategy.

According to research, nine out of ten businesses noticed an increase in income after deploying CRM. Over half (52%) of high-performing salespeople surveyed in the research said they are power users who make full use of their company’s CRM technology.

Increase the number of leads by diversifying your channels.

While the quantity of leads coming in is an important measure to consider for any company, the quality of leads is more significant. Organizations must track more sales-qualified leads in order to keep revenue flowing.

You can utilise the BANT framework to identify SQLs by asking whether they have the budget, authority, need, and timeframe to buy from you. If you responded yes to all four questions, your lead is most likely a SQL.

Sales-qualified leads (SQLs) are, on the other hand, significantly more difficult to come by. A lead is typically generated through marketing means and developed into an SQL.

Lead enrichment and tracking

The first step in lead management is to make sure that no leads go through the cracks. Web forms, emails, chat, and other methods can all generate leads. These leads should ideally be instantly pulled into an all-in-one CRM with a single customer view, which will allow you to track and move your leads down the pipeline.

Send out personalised email campaigns

Here’s a startling nugget about lead generation and management while we’re on the subject. When it comes to communicating with prospects and leads, emails outperform social media for marketers. According to a poll, 91 percent of marketers consider email to be their most important strategic channel.

According to the poll, it is also the most effective in terms of return on investment: on average, organisations received £42.24 for every pound spent.

However, email marketing isn’t simply about sending emails to prospects and hoping for a response. To incorporate campaigns into your sales plan, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Make a list of potential customers who might be interested in your company.
  • Based on demographics and other variables, divide them into relevant segments.
  • Which type of email should you send: promotional, nurture, newsletter, or transactional?

The net sales formula

Picking the proper figures from a sea of data, interpreting it differently, and drawing insights to improve productivity are the most significant difficulties sales leaders face today.

To get started, you’ll need to learn about concepts like net sales and cost of sales, as well as how they’re calculated.

Because allowances, product returns, and discounts are taken into account, Net Sales is often a better predictor than Gross Sales.


According to a survey, one out of every three individuals will be working remotely by the end of 2022. (A mix of hybrid and fully remote). It also predicts that by the end of 2022, more than half of the US workforce would be working remotely.

Trends like AI-assisted selling to enhance sales are here to stay as remote employment becomes more common. Another trend to watch in 2022 is “hyper-automation” — sales sequences, for example.

The “fourth industrial revolution” that was predicted and is fuelled by technology appears to have arrived. You can design a winning combination of strategies, templates, and technology that can meet the challenge and propel you to new heights in 2022 with the appropriate mix of plans, templates, and technology.

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