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Benefits of using a Free Marketing automation software

The term “automation is the future” is a widely agreed-upon notion these days. In the business and marketing industry free marketing automation software handles and manages social media postings, email marketing, sales engagements and a whole lot more.

This software helps in saving up a lot of time as it decreases the time required to manage social media postings, internet marketing, converting leads and a lot more. As new businesses and small businesses do not have a lot of manpower, capital or resources this software is of a lot of help.

Free Marketing Automation Software

Free Marketing Automation software aids businesses and marketers with a lot of things. Some of the features are given below: –

Top features of Free Marketing Automation Software

Lead Generation and Scoring:

Lead generation and scoring are very important actions. The growth of a business depends on this action. With automation, the software uses a specific criterion to compare leads and score effective and optimum leads.

It studies interactions and histories to identify potential leads to grow your clientelist. It also analyses the behaviour and demographics of your current customers to score leads.


A marketing automation software studies and analyses your visitor’s web behaviour and activities. Then it shares its insight and idea with you to turn leads into customers. This way you can work on things that interest you. This way you will be able to convert leads into customers.

Marketing Campaigns:

With the help of free marketing automation software, you can send out regular emails to your customers or potential leads. Email marketing is a very useful tool and with the right set of templates for your emails or your newsletter, you can rapidly convert leads to customers.

Your customers and potential leads will be sent emails regularly regarding new launches, sales or promotions. This way you will be able to establish trust as well as keep them informed.

Mobile Interactive:

Smartphones and tablets are probably used more than laptops or computers for shopping. This is why Free marketing automation software is mobile interactive and works best on smartphones and tablets. This way you will be able to target a larger group of people.

There are several other features apart from the above-mentioned. Therefore, using free marketing automation software will be of immense help to your business.


1. Will the free marketing automation software help me manage my data?

Yes, it will! Our software is easy yet powerful when It comes to the management of data.

2. Will the software accelerate engagement with my clients?

Yes, with our software you can engage better and regularly.

3. Will I be able to generate leads with the software?

Yes, with the help of our software you can generate leads.

4. Is customer support available in case of an issue?

Yes, we have a very dedicated customer support team.

5. Will I be able to access the software from my desktop?

Yes, the software can be accessed from your desktop provided that it has internet connectivity.

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