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How your sales team can collaborate with the project management team to increase leads

Your project management team is tasked with developing project plans, managing deliverables, and tracking parameters and progress. That’s not all! They have a host of other responsibilities from a project team manager to the sponsor, the steering committee, and the rest of the team members. In all of this, making things productive for them becomes a priority so that decisions made are accurate and free of confusion.

This is why it is necessary to merge the sales team with the project management team. The best way is by using project management software for small businesses and sales performance management software together.

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Can a sales team be of any use to a project management team?

When a project management (PM) team and sales management team work together, the outcome is excellent.

  • Customer behavior review – The sales team is in-tune with how customers of various demographics think about the company’s specific products and services. They are aware of their pain points and complaints. As a result, the sales and PM team can align the company’s products and services with the business goals.
  • Market intel – The sales team knows well and beyond about the market that currently exists out there. They can give the project management team intel on the latest trends and what doesn’t work at the moment. They can also give the PM team future projections of trends that are likely to continue and new ones to come. With this useful information, PM teams can develop new strategies and plans to execute for business growth.
  • First line of interaction – Customers are most often not concerned with the hierarchy of an organization. Therefore, if they have to approach someone for a query, it’s usually the first person who introduces them to the service or products. This first person is usually the sales rep, and therefore, the sales rep will use either of two approaches. First, ask the PM team to get in touch with the customer to resolve their issue or query. Second, to discuss the challenges the customer is facing and then relay it to the PM team.

This is where proper coordination is a must and peak performance is required. For this, having integrated the project management tool like the PlanCentral tool with the sales team also can help improve coordinated efforts. This way, all information can be stored, accessed and managed on the project management software for small business deals.

  • Coordinated teamwork – Some customers do not take the necessary step of action that project managers require. This obstructs the goals of the business, which is where the sales rep can step in to boost the PM team manager’s efforts. The sales rep can give the customer a second opinion in a subtle manner, one that aligns with the project manager’s goals. This way, the sales rep and project manager can work as a united team front to achieve milestones together.

Reach out to us at RisePath to advise you on the best sales and project management integrations for your firm.

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