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Top 5 Benefits of Adopting RisePath’s Applicant Tracking System

Hiring candidates can be an arduous job. Extensive procedures like evaluations, background checks and qualifications take up the majority of a business owner’s time. Coupling that with manually handling everything with low manpower can be a very hectic course of action. This is where an applicant tracking system can be of help.

An applicant tracking system will make the whole procedure of hiring candidates relatively easy. By aggregating resumes, filtering based on skill set, job title, and other necessary parameters, and providing automated communication options, this software makes the entire procedure less hectic.

applicant tracking system

There are four major ways through which RisePath’s applicant tracking system can be of massive help to your working system.

5 benefits of using RisePath’s Applicant Tracking System:

Automated scanning of job applications and resumes:

The entire process of hiring is streamlined with this software. The inbuilt algorithm compares work history, educational qualifications, and skills to choose the optimum candidate for a job posting.

All information provided by the candidates is scanned and analyzed:

This is probably one of the fastest and most efficient methods of hiring candidates with minimal manpower and resources.

Handles Administrative tasks:

The software handles the storing and analysis of candidate data. It also schedules interviews, makes a record of top candidates, and informs candidates about any information. Moreover, it saves up a lot of time and helps a business owner find appropriate candidates for a job role.

Automatically post job postings:

Manually posting about vacancies on different platforms can be a very laborious task. With the help of an applicant tracking system, a business owner will be able to automatically post on all platforms.  With the help of a good recruiting strategy hiring the best possible candidates becomes a fairly easy task.

Better Quality Candidates can be found:

The algorithm filters out any unsuitable candidate and this way pushes forward candidates that suit the requirement of a business owner. This way only the optimum candidates are interviewed by business owners and this allows them to have their pick from the efficient and qualified stream of candidates.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, there are several other features as well. An applicant tracking system can be of immense help to your company.


1. Will I have access to unlimited activities, tasks and messages with the monthly subscription?

Yes, you will have access to unlimited activities, tasks and messages with the monthly subscription.

2. How much storage space will I be provided with the monthly subscription?

100 GB of storage space will be available with the monthly subscription. It can be further upgraded.

3. How much storage space will I be provided during the free trials?

500Mb of free storage space will be available during the free trial.

4. How do I contact the support team?

You can contact us through our support page on our official website.

5. Do you offer customized packages?

Yes, we do offer customized packages that suit the majority of our organizations.

For more information and a free informational ebook, please add your contact info. Thanks.

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